Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy in Oklahoma

First-in-class, evidence-based medical care from your phone.


First-in-class, evidence-based medical care.​


Virtual care from your smartphone.


Confidential experience at every touchpoint.


Our trans and queer-led team is here to support you.

Redefining Healthcare

We believe healthcare should be easy, convenient, and center the unique needs of the trans community. If you are trans, it doesn’t always mean you need or desire gender-affirming hormone therapy (“GAHT” or “sometimes known as “HRT”), but if you do, we are here to help. You are our priority.

Direct Access

Plume’s trans-specializing medical providers are available for questions, appointments, and information from the convenience of your smartphone. No phone trees. No leaving messages with the front desk. We promise!

Meet Your Care Team

Jerrica Kirkley, MD


Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer

 Dr. Jerrica is a trans woman, physician and educator. She has been both a patient and provider of gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) and has provided training across the country on gender-affirming care. She started Plume to radically increase access to gender-affirmation services.

Plume Team

Meet Our Medical Team

Our diverse and dedicated team is here to support you along every step of the journey, no matter where you are in the process.

Services & Pricing

Membership provides everything you need to begin your journey or maintain your routine. There are never hidden fees or unexpected costs.

Monthly Membership


 *Membership includes issuing the prescription to your local pharmacy, but does not cover the cost of medication. Out-of-pocket cost of medication varies from $5 – 50. Insurance may cover the cost of medication, but not the cost of membership.

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