How It Works

Are you curious about just how Plume works from starting your intake process to getting you your first prescription? Read on for a brief overview. If you have further questions, check out our FAQ for more.

1. Download App

Our secure communication app, Spruce, allows us to keep your sensitive medical information private and secure. Through Spruce, you’ll be able to communicate with your provider and care team by text, phone, or video chat. You’ll get a link to the app once you complete the Get Started form.

2. Fill Out Forms

You’ll answer questions and fill out medical intake forms directly in the app. Full transparency—this process can take about a half hour to complete. You can always start it and come back later to finish.

3. Make a Plan

You and your medical provider will develop an individualized health and lab-monitoring plan based on your goals. 

4. Get Your Rx

At your first appointment, your provider will discuss all your options and create a personal treatment plan based on your goals.

Questions? See our FAQs.