How does lab testing work through Plume?

All routine testing, including hormone monitoring and other blood tests, recommended for gender-affirming care is covered by the monthly membership fee.* Nothing extra needed!

Without Plume, out-of-pocket labs can range from $150 – $500. You don’t have to worry about that with our membership.

We order labs through Quest Diagnostics. They have many lab draw sites throughout the country. We place the order, and you go to the nearest Quest lab site to get your blood drawn. We let you know the results with recommendations via our secure app as soon as they come in.

*New York and New Jersey residents are subject to a law that requires the patient to pay for labs out-of-pocket. To offset this, we have negotiated with Quest labs for reduced cost blood work. Plume will then reimburse New York and New Jersey patients by reducing their membership from $99 to $90.  The reduction in membership will cover the cost of labs with Quest.