Blood work – when, how, and why

Blood work (aka labs) are an important part of monitoring your health and progress. We recommend doing labs every 3 months. Your membership includes the cost of blood work which is conducted at your local Quest center*. 

  • Your care team will remind you when it’s time for labs. Instructions for scheduling will be in the reminder.
  • Find a Quest center and make an appointment.
  • Schedule using the name that matches your ID and we send them a note alerting them to your chosen name.
  • At your appt, tell them you are getting labs done for Plume Health. 
  • Your medical provider will contact you to discuss the results. 

*If you live in NY/NJ, you are subject to some weird laws that require you pay for labs out-of-pocket. To offset this, NY/NJ membership costs $90 instead of $99 to cover the cost of labs.