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What if I already have a gender-affirming medication prescription?

Plume will make it as easy as possible to transfer your prescription, progress monitoring, and labs to our care. Scroll to the top of this page and select “Get Started” to download our app and chat with our care team about the best solution for your current situation.

How do I start with Plume?

Plume makes it easy to get expert, safe, and confidential gender-affirming care from the privacy of your home. First, determine if you are interested in a Plume membership for gender-affirming hormone therapy. (GAHT or “HRT”) or if you only need a one-time letter of support for surgery. Letters are included in membership. Next, scroll to …

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How does Plume work?

The Basics Membership is $99 / month and includes: Digital video appointments with your trans-specialist medical provider. Collaborative treatment planning with your medical provider, based on your goals and their expert knowledge.  Ordering, analysis, and cost of all labs. A medical care team who specializes in gender-affirming care. 24/7 text access to your care team …

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How do I make an appointment with a Plume medical provider?

Plume’s medical providers are here to discuss your goals, needs, desires, questions, and concerns regarding gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT or “HRT”). Tap “Get started” at the top of the page, and download our app Go through our medical intake process and schedule with one of our trans-specialist medical providers. See your provider via video visit! …

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Who is Plume for?

Plume is available for anybody 18 years or older who desires gender-affirming care! This could include but is not limited to trans women and trans men, non binary and gender non-conforming people, intersex people, gender queer people, and more.

Where is Plume Available?

Plume is available in many states and expanding rapidly. See our coverage map for details and sign up for our waitlist by tapping “Get Started” at the top of the page. We’ll let you know when we are active in your state.