How much does Plume cost?

Plume’s gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT or “HRT”) membership is a flat-rate of $99/month. Membership includes your recurring prescription for gender-affirming medicines; a customized treatment plan designed with your medical provider; bloodwork at a local Quest lab; instant text message access to your care team; ongoing evaluation and adjustment of treatment; and letters of support for surgery, name change, and gender marker change. The cost of medicines is not included in membership. Medicines cost ~$20 a month on average with cost-saving coupons from Goodrx.

Your first appointment fee is $99, which will be applied to your membership, if you join. If you decide membership is not for you, you will not be charged further, and you may always cancel at any time.

Plume’s letter writing service offers a one-time letter of support for surgery for $150. This includes a medical evaluation; a letter issued within one week of your appointment; and access to your care team for resources and recommendations. This service does not include gender-affirming hormone therapy. Plume’s GAHT membership includes letters at no cost.

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