How do I start with Plume?

Plume makes it easy to get expert, safe, and confidential gender-affirming care from the privacy of your home.

First, determine if you are interested in a Plume membership for gender-affirming hormone therapy. (GAHT or “HRT”) or if you only need a one-time letter of support for surgery. Letters are included in membership. Next, scroll to the top of this page and select “Get Started” to download our app* and schedule your appointment with a Plume medical provider.

At your appointment, you and your provider will create an individualized treatment plan that works best for you. You can decide after your appointment if Plume membership is right for you. For gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT or “HRT”), your provider will send prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice at the end of your first appointment. [Note: You must be a Plume member to receive a prescription.] For one-time letters, you will receive your letter within a week.

As a part of your membership, your care team will monitor your progress, check your hormone levels, and review other blood tests as needed to make sure your journey is going smoothly. You can contact your care team directly anytime you need.

What is the Spruce communication app and why do you use it? Spruce is a HIPAA compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) communications app made specifically for innovative medical practices. Our highest priority is confidentiality and Spruce allows us to keep your sensitive medical information private and secure. It also ensures our conversations are kept private on your phone. Through Spruce you can communicate with your provider by text, phone, or video chat.