How do I get the most out of membership?

Thank you for being a Plume member. Here are the keys to getting the most out of your membership.

  • Talk to your care team. The real magic of Plume is that your care team is available directly through the Spruce app. Your care team is made up of care coordinators and your medical provider, all of whom have expertise in gender-affirming care. Message your care team anytime. No question or need is too small.
  • Get regular blood work. Get your labs done every 3 months. Your care team will remind you when it’s time to have bloodwork done. Blood work is done in-person at your local Quest lab and the cost is included in your membership.
  • Message your provider. You might be used to scheduling with your medical provider to discuss your prescription, progress, concerns, or lab results, but with Plume, that’s all done via messaging through the Spruce app. Message your medical provider and care team anytime you need anything.
  • Relax, we’ll remind you when it’s time to refill your Rx. And if something happens and you need a refill ahead of time, message your care team to discuss it.
  • Request letters of support. Just request a letter for name change, gender marker change, or a medical letter of support for surgery and we’ll have it to you within the week.**

*If you live in NY/NJ, you are subject to some weird laws that require you pay for labs out-of-pocket. To offset this, NY/NJ membership costs $90 instead of $99 to cover the cost of labs.

**We cannot provide behavioral health letters of support as we have no therapists on staff.