Plume People: Denym Aphrodyte (they/them), Care Coordinator

Plume People is our employee spotlight series featuring stories by the passionate team bringing gender-affirming care to you. My name is Denym Aphrodyte, and I’m a queer nonbinary trans masculine human who uses they/them pronouns. At Plume, I’m a care coordinator, where I communicate with patients and providers to ensure that all patient needs are …

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How it works

How Plume Works

The Basics Membership is $99 / month and includes: Ongoing issuing of your prescriptions.* Initial evaluation of your goals. Ongoing evaluation of progress toward your goals. Quarterly blood work to monitor hormone levels. This is essential for tracking your health. We partner with your local Quest lab to conduct blood work. Convenient messaging with your …

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Non-Binary Care

Nonbinary Care

In this blog, we’ll be talking about health care for nonbinary folks. A quick word on terminology before we jump in – we recognize that not all nonbinary people identify as trans, and that there are many gender identities that lie on the spectrum outside of exclusively male or female. Here, we’ll be using “nonbinary” …

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Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy 101: Introducing the #HRTSavesLives Campaign

Research shows that hormone therapy (often called “HRT”) and gender-affirming care save lives. Gender-affirming care is health care that affirms people to live authentically in their genders, no matter the gender they were assigned at birth or the path their gender affirmation (or transition) takes. It allows each person to seek only the changes or …

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Gender-Affirming Care

What is Gender-Affirming Care?

At Plume, we are committed to providing gender-affirming care to all of our members. But what exactly is gender-affirming care? Let’s take a step back and discuss the key components that define gender-affirming care, as well as review some of the evidence showing that gender-affirming care leads to the best health outcomes for our community. …

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HHS Rollback of Transgender Healthcare Protections: A letter from our Co-Founders

Dear Plume family, We have been receiving a lot of questions about the Trump administration’s recent repeal of protections for trans individuals under federal healthcare guidelines. There is no question this is purely a result of bigoted thinking meant to discriminate and intimidate and is unsettling news in already very uncertain and challenging times. First, …

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Why Plume?

The current state of gender-affirming care Let’s talk about the current state of healthcare for the trans community. While there have been many improvements in care for gender diverse folks in recent years, it’s no secret there are still alarming and unacceptable disparities when it comes to accessing gender-affirming care. The landmark 2015 US Transgender …

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